How it all started

One person's passion to create beautiful designs has resulted in all of the mosaics seen on the website. With Fiona's Italian roots and dedication to producing the finest Mosaics it's no wonder that the designs seen are becoming popular.


Fiona loves taking on commisions due to the variety of designs that can be produced. If you want more information go to the contact page for details.


My work is available to view in the Gallery. Simply click on any image to bring it up on the screen along with its size, materials and cost. Click on it again to enlarge it. It also says if it is available to buy or whether it is available as a commission. 

I am keen to try new designs so put your own ideas forward if there is something particular you'd like.

I have been mosaicing since about 2008. Before that I worked in oil pastels doing portraits and life drawing and in watercolour.

Much of the work I do now is inspired by the countryside.

Mosaics are tremendously versatile; they work brilliantly outdoors as garden slabs, on walls, as garden tables or swimming pools. Indoors they make lovely floor decorations, they can be hung or incorporated into walls in bathrooms or kitchens, or indeed as tables indoors!